High-Quality Care for All

DoC allows patients to request home visits from a doctor using their mobile device, whilst providing a platform for doctors to care for their patients flexibly.
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Our Inspiration

DR Kamran and DR Pang have a combined 30 years of General Practice and patient home-visiting experience within the UK National Health Service (NHS). Their extensive knowledge of the culture and healthcare landscapes from their respective backgrounds, combined with their experience working within the NHS, has helped them to identify the opportunities to improve General Practice standards overseas.

Connecting Patients and Doctors

DoC provides patients the peace of mind that a doctor is easily accessible with a home visiting service on demand, empowering doctors to work flexibly.

UK Quality Healthcare

Built utilising 30 years of experience of the UK NHS General Practice and the knowledge of the current problems doctors face across different cultures.


Avoid the queues

Doctor home visits allow patients to see a doctor without needing to leave their home and family for several hours.

Fair & inclusive

Indiscriminate care, pricing and appointments provide everybody with an equal opportunity to receive and deliver the care they deserve.

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